Inclement Weather Policy

Monticello Health Services follows school district closings in relation to the location of an MHS facility. In the event the Monticello Health Services offices/facilities are not closed but hazardous conditions do exist, MHS asks that employees utilize their own judgment regarding travel to and from the facility. The following options will be granted if either one of these events do occur:

  1. A. Employees will be granted a flexible work schedule whereby employees will be allowed to work in the evenings and weekends during the pay period of which the employee is not able to drive to work due to the adverse weather conditions. The flex schedule will be subject to your supervisor’s pre-approval.
  1. B. A work at home option will be allowed based on the type of work an employee is responsible for completing. This type of work will require prior approval from the employee’s supervisor. This work should be readily and easily quantifiable. Performance measures and objectives shall be stated, achieved and approved by the employee’s supervisor. The work at home option shall be utilized on a case by case basis when deemed appropriate by the employee’s supervisor.

***Non-exempt employees will generally not be compensated for inclement weather policies.

***All employees are expected to come to work if the location school district remains open. Special circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis with your supervisor/manager.